Dont judge a person by their shoes

You may however get an insight into their personality! First impressions count and the choices we make reflect a little of who we are without us saying anything out loud. Introducing some of my favourite heels from the international shoe brands at L’atelier Lahore courtesy Coco’s Dream. Who would you like to be?
black n gold 2
You are sophisticated and classy. It is obvious that your world travels have refined your tastes. You always have interesting things to say but never indulge in shallow politics. You like to take control of things; people want to be in your team.

golden sequence high heels

You are full of life and fun. You have a view on the world and are not afraid to share it. People are drawn to you because of your self confidence. You follow your heart and people follow you.

nude heels


You are girly and very likeable. You have a close group of friends and are always there for each other. You have a strong head on your shoulders and people rely on you more often than even they realise it.


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