Volume, movement, glossy tresses – top tips for the perfect blow-dry!


We all know the feeling of a great blow-dry; returning home from the salon, still in our day clothes but already feeling like a million dollars. If you are ever trying a new stylist because you are in a different city, or your preferred stylist is no longer available, or you simply believe your hair has the potential to look better, here are our top 10 tips!

1. Put the dagger on the table immediately. Tell the hairstylist up front that you are particular about your hair and specifically want x,y,z results.

2. Use a volumising spray for more lift at the roots.

3. Blow dry the front first and then backwards to the nape of your neck as opposed to the other way round. This allows the most important bit framing your face to set in for longer.

4. Use hair clips to hold each rolled up strand in place instead of opening it right away.

5. Blow cold air on the hair once pinned up and leave to set for 5 minutes before taking off any of the clips.

6. Throw your head down, shake up the curls and throw your head back, for more natural waves.

7. A little back combing and hair spray never kill anyone. If you have coarse hair you can probably do without it but for finer hair, acknowledge how quickly it becomes flat and take the necessary precautions.

8. Look after your hair by taking regular multi vitamins, hot oil and protein treatments so that your hair always looks glossy and healthy.

9. Use dry shampoo on day 2 or 3 of your blow-dry to make the results last longer!

10. Ask your friends for recommendations of a good stylist they trust, try Salon@ L’atelier in F8/3 if you are ever in Islamabad.

Remember, there is more to life than hair but its a good start!  🙂




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