Get ready fast with an organised wardrobe!

Heres our simple guide to help you put together the perfect outfit easier and faster. 


1. Reorganise your wardrobe by first throwing everything out and making piles by category. Then work through each pile, adding anything you haven’t worn for over a year to the charity pile, it’s all about quality not quantity.

2. Iron and hang the majority of your clothes so its easy to see what you have. Ironing at this stage will save you time in your daily routine. Consider replacing a single hanging rail with a double one or add an additional rail if possible.

3. Use boxes to break up big shelves into sections and divide your clothes by genre so that everything has a specific home. You can even label the boxes and pile them up.

4. Add shoe racks for heels and hanging shoe racks for flats for maximum space utilisation. If you must use shoe boxes, take a pic of the shoes and stick it on the side of the box!

5. Display your everyday jewellery on jewellery display units on your dressing table or in a drawer so that you remember what you have.

Lastly, make sure you have a full length mirror in your room so that you can see the full look before you step out and don’t forget that selfie!!



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