There once was a time when I used to envy the Black Friday Sales happening abroad. Who wouldn’t want the chance to get their favourite clothes at steep discounts?! Fortunately, the Black Friday sale trend was initiated in Pakistan and I got my chance. However that was before I saw the shocking videos of women going berserk, thrashing and gnawing at each other over clothes. When I heard L’atelier was hosting a Black Friday Sale as well, I was slightly terrified because those videos kept playing in my head. But boy, was I in for a surprise! The customers were so civilized and the atmosphere removed all my inhibitions. I got a cool peach chiffon dress by Mehdi and those snazzy 9lines diaries just because they were available at such incredible prices. Check them out!12241672_932673073453319_6237559980118771327_n


Get ready fast with an organised wardrobe!

Heres our simple guide to help you put together the perfect outfit easier and faster. 


1. Reorganise your wardrobe by first throwing everything out and making piles by category. Then work through each pile, adding anything you haven’t worn for over a year to the charity pile, it’s all about quality not quantity.

2. Iron and hang the majority of your clothes so its easy to see what you have. Ironing at this stage will save you time in your daily routine. Consider replacing a single hanging rail with a double one or add an additional rail if possible.

3. Use boxes to break up big shelves into sections and divide your clothes by genre so that everything has a specific home. You can even label the boxes and pile them up.

4. Add shoe racks for heels and hanging shoe racks for flats for maximum space utilisation. If you must use shoe boxes, take a pic of the shoes and stick it on the side of the box!

5. Display your everyday jewellery on jewellery display units on your dressing table or in a drawer so that you remember what you have.

Lastly, make sure you have a full length mirror in your room so that you can see the full look before you step out and don’t forget that selfie!!


Volume, movement, glossy tresses – top tips for the perfect blow-dry!


We all know the feeling of a great blow-dry; returning home from the salon, still in our day clothes but already feeling like a million dollars. If you are ever trying a new stylist because you are in a different city, or your preferred stylist is no longer available, or you simply believe your hair has the potential to look better, here are our top 10 tips!

1. Put the dagger on the table immediately. Tell the hairstylist up front that you are particular about your hair and specifically want x,y,z results.

2. Use a volumising spray for more lift at the roots.

3. Blow dry the front first and then backwards to the nape of your neck as opposed to the other way round. This allows the most important bit framing your face to set in for longer.

4. Use hair clips to hold each rolled up strand in place instead of opening it right away.

5. Blow cold air on the hair once pinned up and leave to set for 5 minutes before taking off any of the clips.

6. Throw your head down, shake up the curls and throw your head back, for more natural waves.

7. A little back combing and hair spray never kill anyone. If you have coarse hair you can probably do without it but for finer hair, acknowledge how quickly it becomes flat and take the necessary precautions.

8. Look after your hair by taking regular multi vitamins, hot oil and protein treatments so that your hair always looks glossy and healthy.

9. Use dry shampoo on day 2 or 3 of your blow-dry to make the results last longer!

10. Ask your friends for recommendations of a good stylist they trust, try Salon@ L’atelier in F8/3 if you are ever in Islamabad.

Remember, there is more to life than hair but its a good start!  🙂



Get glamourous, sitting at home in your PJs!


The latest revolution in shopping in Desi land is the escalation of Online Shopping in Pakistan and by Pakistanis abroad. If you have been missing out on this phenomenon, here are 5 good reasons why you shouldn’t!!

1. Peace of mind in selection thanks to detailed info on outfits available, including material, measurements, multiple pics.

2. Secure payment gateways so you can be sure your money wont go missing.

3. Greater ease of communication with live chat facilities and free skype calls.

4. Fast delivery in 3-5 days, anywhere in the world.

5. Cash on delivery available in Pakistan. If you are abroad and visit / have visitors often, simply ship directly to a family address for only $2!!

Don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself!

It’s my best friend’s wedding and all I can think about is….

What am I going to wear!?!?!!It’s obviously important I look fab 🙂  but there are so many events to plan for and so many looks to choose from. I starting searching online and this is what I found. Let me know what you think!

Milad: Since the event is in the day, I’ve opted for this beautiful nude outfit by Elan that comes equipped with a dupatta and full sleeves which are not always available without request these day 🙂

wedding wear pakistani fashion élan

Elan for the Milaad

Nikah: This is a small close family brunch, I’ve selected this subtle ivory outfit in a lovely fabric by Sania Maskatiya.

wedding wear pakistani fashion sania maskatiya

Sania Maskatiya for the Nikah

Mayoun: I love the patta patti fitted full sleeves that are now in fashion, and in mehndi colour, this Sarah Raza ensemble makes for a lovely Mayoun outfit.

Sarah Raza for the Mayoun

Sarah Raza for the Mayoun

Mehndi: I want something colourful and as I’m dancing, something comfortable too. I love this turquoise dress by Tena Durrani, it’s simply stunning!

Tena Durrani Mehndi pakistani wedding dresses fashion trends

Tena Durrani for the Mehndi

Shadi: This is a big event, so I’ve decided to go bold with this eye catching Fahad Hussayn dress. Sometimes the colour is half the job done!

Fahad Hussayn wedding dresses pakistani fashion trends pink

Fahad Hussayn for the Wedding

Valima: Crop tops are really in vogue as are long jackets and sequins, Zari Faisal has beautifully put this outfit together, perfect for a summer event.

Zari Faisal Valima Pakistani Wedding dresses fashion trends shaadi wear

Zari Faisal for the Valima

These dresses are all from the website, Do let me know what you think.


The secret quick fix for a better body

lies in the right under garments! It’s the fact all stylish women know but not many talk about.


It’s not about changing your body, but sculpting it so that the different parts land in more flattering places. The proof is in the numbers.

Did you know spandex alone can help you look thinner by up to 1 dress size?

Did you know, a staggering 85% of women wear the wrong sized bra! @Estylista tells us all the facts in their article:

I recently found some amazing imported lingerie at Triumph’s new outlet at L’atelier Lahore. They have a bra expert who can measure you and suggest the right shapes for your body. Their new line of t-shirt bras is also perfect for the upcoming lawn season.

In the words of my wise friend, “Good lingerie is like a good boyfriend, its all about the support!!”

Happy Valentines Day!

I don’t have any favourite designers but …..

Tena Durrani is one Pakistani designer whose intricate embellishments and smile envoking colour combinations keep calling out to me. Inspired by the legendary Mughal dynasty and their architecture, Tena has managed to mix history with modern silhouettes to make for a very appealing look for any desi wedding.

pakistani wedding wear. Ivory halter neck dress yellow pink and green formal pakistani designer wear

Pakistani wedding wear Modern pakistani wedding wear

Looks good in shoots as well as on L’atelier Ladies.

pakistani wedding wear 2014

To see more exquisite pieces, visit: